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TMSWeb is the only off-the-shelf Windows-based solution combining indexing, document management, and training management into one easy-to-implement affordable package. Because of this unique integration, combined with TMS’s modest cost, no-load strain on IT resources, and ability to quickly automate labor-intensive environments, you can expect a high rate of return ranging between 200% and 600%. To put it concisely:

In one year your company can get back between
$2.00 to $6.00 for every dollar it spends installing TMS!

Quality projects develop a high degree of urgency once management sees projections in this range. In a very real sense, time is costing your company money – maybe a lot of money. Performing this analysis will make you more cognizant that TMSWeb is a profit-generating, low-risk investment, rather than an expense to be budgeted and deferred.

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