Quizzing & Certification Module

In order to minimize risk and achieve success for your company it is essential to ensure employees are knowledgeable and comprehend what is required . TMSWeb Quizzing & Certification Module allows you to construct and issue on-line quizzing as a method for verifying employee training and understanding based on job roles and competencies. Regulated companies are very aware that Competency Testing and Skills Assessment is also a major focus for FDA and ISO auditors.


Quizzing and Certification Module includes:

  • Valid Tests, entirely user-defined, measure the knowledge and skills required for a job
  • Various question formats (multiple choice; text entry; simple true and false answers)
  • Test questions rotate to prevent individuals from sharing answers.
  • Tracking Quiz identifies gaps in comprehension of information relating to job functions.
  • Manager notification, when an employee fails a test, alerts the need for additional training.
  • Report metrics on failure percentages, identify corporate training and development needs.

Quizzing / Certification Spec Sheet